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You Must Remember This
by Mr. Mark Ricklis, November 2011

How do you react to a sight? How do you react to a sound? A beautiful sunset can make you pause for just a moment. The sound of raindrops softly falling on a spring day can bring a sense of calm. Flashing lights and blaring sirens make you snap to attention. If you are walking the first reaction is “Stop!” If you are in the car you turn the radio off. You check the mirrors. “Where are the lights? Where is the siren coming from?” [more]


Who's on First?

We operate under a cover of confidentiality. A code of silence. A binding gag order. Because of this, few know that Hatzalah of Union County answers, on average, about a call a day. They usually come in bunches. Good karma days, bad karma days. Days of quiet followed by sheer madness. Just when you thought it was safe to get undressed, relax a little bit, and sleep with both eyes closed. Fahgetaboutit. The alert tone sounds, followed by the voice of the dispatcher: “Any members available for…?” [more]

Why is Hatzalah needed in our community?

The difference between life and death can be minutes - or even seconds. Nationwide, an average EMS response takes about 12 minutes. That might be fine for a broken bone, but if a person has stopped breathing 12 minutes may as well be 12 hours. Since the 1960's, Hatzalah's unique approach brings trained responders into contact with patients in just two to three minutes, on average. Without a doubt, Hatzalah's rapid response is often the difference between life and death. [more]

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